Quick & Easy Tips For SEO That Are Guaranteed To Keep You Current

Search engine optimization is a constantly changing process. That’s why SEO campaigns have to be constantly refreshed and even re-written. Certain strategies that worked in the past may be actually working against your right now. The good news is that you can take advantage of these quick and easy tips for keeping your campaigns relevant and producing real results, all of the time.

  • Get Rid Of Zombie Pages

In the increasingly technical world of SEO, the term zombie pages might sound refreshingly exciting. In reality, however, these pages are the exact opposite of that. Instead, they provide absolutely no value to your visitors and they’re ultimately dragging your website and your SEO efforts down. These can include boilerplate content, old and outdated press releases, low-quality blog posts, and any other written works that solve no problems and garner absolutely no interest at all. Get rid of them. They’re negatively affecting your page rank and not giving anything in return.

  • Start Leveraging Online Videos And Live Streaming To Promote Your Site

Online videos and live streaming via social networking sites are huge. In fact, this type of content is actually great for linking purposes, driving traffic, shaping brand images and much, much more. Social media activities are gaining an increasing role in search engine algorithms, given that they represent a very large portion of activities being conducted online. Although you definitely want to have plenty of high-value and engaging blog posts, and industry-specific articles published in reputable spaces, you also want to engage in this more customer direct former of marketing. Online videos, live streaming and other similar forms of content will allow you to take a personal and personable approach to connect with, and getting to know your audience.

  • Go For Value And Length

The idea that consumers love short and concise information has led to a number of pages with limited content and lots of empty space. In fact, this is actually how many zombie pages are born. Search engines are showing preference to websites that have lengthy, insightful articles that actually keep people on their pages. Appealing to the diminished attention span of modern consumers requires little more than breaking content up, adding in visual elements, and linking to relevant videos throughout. Consider investing in higher quality and more in-depth articles for your site that actually fully address key questions and concerns among your market members.

  • Be Cognizant Of Rank Brain

The introduction of AI and learning machines have changed the SEO gain entirely. In fact, the more knowledgeable that these tools become in their own right, the more evolved SEO processes will invariably need to be. To conceptualize how AI works, consider that these creations learn something new every time a new search is performed. New relationships and connections are constantly being made, which is allowing for an increasing user-specific and totally individualized approach to collecting and presenting search results. Stay abreast of the different ways in which current SEO is be impacted by these developments so that all of your future optimization activities are duly informed.

  • Your Mobile Site Design Should Be Absolutely Superior

One thing that Rank Brain does pay attention to is user activity on mobile sites. This is a key indicator of how usable and easy these platforms are to navigate. Like many businesses, you may have a website that’s merely functional on mobile devices. Instead, what you want is something that people actually love using – that many of them often prefer over your general website. If you haven’t invested in responsive design or high-quality professional mobile design, now is definitely the time to do so.

  • Pay Attention To Your Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate can mean two distinctly different things. Ultimately, this is a measurement of the number of people who are landing on your pages and then bouncing right back to the search results pages. On one hand, if large numbers of people are immediately leaving your pages after having glimpsed your content, then the obvious assumption is that this content is lacking in some way. It may not be interesting or easy to access, or it may not be structured to meet the needs of the people who are arriving. When this is the case, you can use information about your bounce rate to create a more informative and user-friendly platform.

At other times, however, a high bounce rate might mean that people are finding exactly what they need information-wise, and then leaving to conduct their sales activities some other place. While becoming a respected industry authority is a good thing, you also want this honor to come with increases in your bottom line. This could mean making your prices more competitive or setting yourself apart from your competitors in other ways. Tracking your bounce rate and determining what its movements mean can be important for solving problems, and streamlining your online marketing approach for success.